No.788 Glass Letter Collection - LOVE TO GIVE/SET OF 3 PCS

Glass Letter Collecton - LOVE TO GIVE - Bracelet
SET has 3 bracelets for the price of one!!!!

A handmade bracelet with silver clasps and glass letters forming the word "LOVE TO GIVE" attached to a braided ribbon of mixed colours. A cute little splash of happiness to keep your mood as bright as your look.

LOVE TO GIVE / Circle of Love

What was the last thing you did to show you care? 
When was the last time you made her tea, gave away your old jeans or wrote a letter to say sorry for not being there enough? 

The Circle of Love set helps you pass on the goodness

HOW TO Join the Circle: 
Your set comes in a SORBET package with three bracelets. 
You keep one for yourself and then you choose your 'goodness' person. 
You do something good to your 'goodness' person, no matter how big or small, and then she or he receives the other two sorbet bracelets.
Then, she or he need to pass on the goodness with the last bracelet of the set for the circle of love to be complete! 


Join the circle and help us make the world a SORBET PLACE!

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